Last night, President Barack Obama gave his State of the Union address. OK, but more importantly: Senator Marco Rubio of Florida took a sip of water. And the Internet loved it.

While delivering the Republican rebutal to Obama's speech, Rubio developed an ill-timed case of dry mouth. And just like that #Watergate (because, why not?) was born.

You can watch it in video form (above), titled "The funniest drink of water in world history."

You can also enjoy it as a GIF:

Marco Rubio GIF

Always retaining eye contact, that Rubio.

You can also enjoy it as a classic meme:

Marco Rubio, Meme
Marco Rubio, Meme

This one's for you Trinidad James fans:

Marco Rubio, Meme

You can enjoy it as a supercut of the weird noises he makes:

You can enjoy it on Twitter:

Or you can enjoy it on Facebook:

Marco Rubio, Meme

"Reflecting on our cameo. What a night!" Poland Springs posted alongside this photo.

Or you can just not enjoy it at all. In which case, why follow politics in the first place?!

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