Sports Illustrated, Kate Upton, Brooklyn Decker

Sports Illustrated; Koki Nagahama/Getty Images

Kate Upton braved the cold, and now Brooklyn Decker is singing her praises.

The former Sports Illustrated cover girl couldn't help but gush over her famous friend's current SI cover while chatting about her upcoming Valentine's Day gig for Gillette razors where she'll host the world's largest Shave and Kiss event.

Unsurprisingly, Decker thought 20-year-old Miss Upton looked stunning and was thoroughly impressed by the chilly photo shoot: 

"I think it is so cool and beautiful," she gushed with clear admiration. "I mean it's the first time they've ever gone to Antarctica…and even if you've never bought Sports Illustrated swimsuit in your entire life, I feel like this year you want to buy it for the locations alone."

She continues, clearly excited about the polar pics, "They went to every single continent. That's the first time they've ever done that and they're photographing in places where humans don't normally get to see," Andy Roddick's other half explained. "You never get to see a girl in a bikini on the glaciers of Antarctica! I think the cover's really creative, it's gorgeous and I actually need to go find an issue today!" 

And Kate clearly worked hard for her cover. The two-time SI star told E! News it was one of the "hardest shoots she's ever been on" and it meant so much more than last year's cover because she "went through a lot." 

Can't argue with that! And it's Upton's hard work and determination that has made Brooklyn so proud of her fellow SI babe: 

"Look at her, I mean she's on top of the world," the 25-year-old stunner said. "The girl's doing something a model hasn't done in years—be on the cover of British Vogue, shoot American Vogue and then be on the cover of Sports Illustrated. She's really—for lack of better words—kicking butt in the business and I'm just so proud of her. To be as young as she is and as strong as she is as a model. It's really exciting I think for girl's following in her footsteps." 

And not only does Kate cherish this cover more than her last, but Decker also revealed the Antarctica shoot is one of her favorites: 

"I mean I love the cover, to be honest, I think this year's far exceeds last year just because the location is so incredible and you can tell…She's growing into a woman and just become more and more beautiful, so I definitely like this year's better but I think both are just stunning. I'm proud of her." 

So are we! Congrats, Kate, on a freezing cold job well done. 

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