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Editor's Note: Season six Bachelorette and current host of NBC's 1st Look Ali Fedotowsky is blogging exclusively on E! Online about the current season of The Bachelor, giving her reactions and spilling behind-the-scenes secrets. Check back every Tuesday!

This episode is really all about Tierra. I am definitely going to talk about the things she did wrong, but I also want to make sure we don't tear her apart. We need to remember that she is a human being and I honestly feel bad that she is getting such a bad edit on this show. When I say "edit," I don't mean that she was portrayed to be something she is not. I just mean that we only see certain parts of her, and none of the good. I am sure there is a lot of good in her.
Sadly, Tierra starts the episode in a not-so-good way. I really can't believe that she called AshLee a cougar and thinks it weird that she is 32 and single. I have zero respect for Tierra after those comments. I really felt bad for Tierra this week after seeing all the negative press she is getting, and I was planning on sticking up for her saying that she is young and just doesn't understand. But now, unfortunately, I can't defend her.

I'm not surprised that AshLee got a one-on-one date this week. I don't think Sean is super into her, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't take her on a one-on-one date at this point. Especially when he doesn't have to give her a rose at the end of the date. I want to make it clear that just because someone gets a one-on-one date doesn't necessarily mean that Sean is super into that person. He can't keep going on one-on-ones with the same few people—something that probably isn't that clear to fans watching at home. The contestants think the dates are picked with tons of thought behind them. They aren't. It's mostly going through a list. Here is my thought process
Desiree: Already had two one-on-one dates
Catherine: She just had one recently (so he couldn't bring her again)
Tierra: Got a date this week
Lesley: He obviously isn't into her (she went home last night)
Lindsay: She also had a one-on-one recently
I also want to clarify two things after saying all that:
1. Just because someone is in the top five, top four, top three, that doesn't necessarily mean that Sean is totally into them. I have a ton of respect for and adore a bunch of the guys from my season, but was only really romantically into two of them the entire show. It only takes one. Keep that in mind while watching this show. I believe this show can work, but that one and only one has to be there.
2. I LOVE AshLee. Even though I don't think she will spend her life with Sean, I want her to come be BFFs with me. I really respect how she handled herself on this show and I just have a big girl crush on her.

Back to Tierra. Ugh. Sean asked Tierra: "If you could do things differently, would you?" I think that was such a great question. He was giving her a chance to say: "Yeah, I made some mistakes and I wish I had gotten along better with the other girls." She didn't say that. Instead she said that she wouldn't have done anything differently. I know some of you might think she isn't there to make friends, but I disagree with that. EVERY moment in life is an opportunity to meet new people, and I know that I personally want to be with someone who gets along with others (or at least someone who isn't extremely disliked by others). In short, if there is a girl in the house that EVERYONE doesn't like, there is usually a reason.
The sunrise-sunset date is awesome. I honestly want to go there just so I can experience that exact date one day. Or any island where you can do that type of date.
During the group date I realized that we really don't know Catherine or Lindsay. I usually feel like I know the contestants better by this point in the season. Do you guys agree with me? Regardless, Sean is going to the hometowns of all three of these girls, so we are going to get to know them all better.

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Lesley is a rad chick, and I really like her, but it was obvious on their date that they don't have much to talk about. She kept telling him how "natural" they are when really they just seemed awkward. I always take it as a sign that chemistry isn't there when on a date the only thing the bachelor and the girl talk about is how "great" it is and how much "fun" they are having. Instead of actually having fun and talking about other things. I say this because that is what I used to do on my season when I had nothing else to say. You don't want to just awkwardly sit there. So you have to come up with something to say. "This is amazing" is a good go-to phrase.
Sean's sister seems so down-to-earth and realistic about the show. I really like her perspective and how straightforward she is. He is also so lucky that he got to talk to her at this point in the season.
And now back to Tierra…again. AshLee tried to have a mature conversation with Tierra and she was unable to. It really all boils down to Tierra's maturity level. AshLee had enough of the Tierra nonsense and so have I. I am done talking about her drama and how low she has gone this episode.

However, I will say one more thing about the good in her. I don't think Tierra is a bad person. I honestly think that she tries to be sweet and wants others to like her. Unfortunately, she is a little too young and immature to be on this show right now. She has said some extremely naive things on this show, and I'm sure she knows that now that she has watched it with all of Bachelor nation judging her. I really wish her the best and hope she learns from this experience.
I loved all of the top five girls and I'm sorry to see Lesley go. But Sean can't date all the ladies, so someone had to go. Good luck finding your man, girlie!
Now time for Twitter questions from my followers:
Mindy Tierney (@mindyf76) asks @AliFedotowsky @eonline: Does the Bachelor/ette arrive to the destinations the day before the others? Who flies with you and contestants?
The contestants travel with a few different producers and the Bachelor/Bachelorette travels with a single producer the whole time. Sean's producer's name is Cassie (she is the producer for every Bachelor and Bachelorette). She's the best. The Bachelor and contestant are never on the same plane. They might fly into a location on the same day or different days, but never on the same flight. I know Sean said he flew to St. Croix with the girls, but I doubt he flew all the way there with them. Do you think they all flew there from Canada on the little propeller plane? They all probably flew separately to Miami or something and then flew the rest of the way together, but definitely on camera. They wouldn't have Sean fly with them off camera.

trisaratop (@triSARAtop9): Is the Bachelor/Bachelorette not allowed to say how they feel or do you tell each person, but they don't show it on TV?
They are allowed to say how they feel, but encouraged to keep their mind and heart open. Plus unless you are 100 percent sure, you don't want to tell anyone that they are your final one because what if you change your mind?
CynthiaCaruso (@CynthiaCaruso): I want to know if these girls under go a psych eval cuz Tiara def needs one
They actually do. During the interview process each girl meets with a medical doctor, has a psych evaluation, and even meets with a private investigator! They want to know every single skeleton in your closet before you go on the show. It's intense. So yes, Tierra had a psych evaluation, just like everybody else.
Charlotte @charliehubs: Does the bachelor really have no idea how much of a show some contestants put on?
No idea whatsoever. The producers don't tell the Bachelor anything about what goes on in the house. Only the contestants can warn the Bachelor about what is going on when he isn't around. Trust me, I tried to get the producers to fill me in so many times and they wouldn't. If I wanted to know something about what was going on in the house, I had to ask the guys.
OK, that's it for me. Follow me on twitter at @alifedotowsky because I live tweet every week and answer some of your tweets in this blog every week. Next week I might answer yours! I do my best to answer as many as possible!
Until next time…
xo, Ali

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