Tough life, being the handsome guy who gets the likes of Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts where they need to be at red carpet events.

Well, the job isn't necessarily all glamour and excitement, but Christopher Gaida admits that being a celebrity escort is nice work if you can get it.

"A celebrity escort has a crazy title and everyone thinks it's scandalous," Gaida, author of Arm Candy: A Celebrity Escort's Tales From the Red Carpet, said in an exclusive chat with E! News. "However, it really isn't. You bring them to the red carpet, you introduce them to press, you make sure that they're in there on time, they get to their seat, to the dressing room, and just really making sure that they have a great experience."

And, depending on the celebrity, Gaida is treated like a VIP in return for a job well done.

"Queen Latifah, who's extremely nice, she even got me an audition for a role in her film," he reveals. "Enrique Iglesias got me into an afterparty. I've actually spent holidays at some celebirties' homes."

Arm Candy details those experiences and more, including Gaida's time spent with Jolie, Roberts, Mariah Carey, Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz, Betty White, Pamela AndersonWhitney Houston and many more. 

"I had met Whitney Houston back in the late 1990s," Gaida recalls, "and she was sweet and great. And in the later years, it was completely different. In the book I call it 'Crack Is Whack Whitney.'"

With so many A-listers on his résumé, who's left for his celebrity-escort wish list?

Oprah Winfrey, President Barack Obama and...Martha Stewart! "Just to see what she's like," Gaida says.

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