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Cue the romantic music and beautiful scenery—The Bachelor is in the Virgin Islands.

Sean Lowe has taken the remaining six ladies to St. Croix for a little bit of fun under the sun before ultimately choosing the four women who will move on to the hometown dates. Yes, hometown dates! This season is moving so quickly.

Of course, as usual, Tierra—who decided it was better to sleep on a cot than share a bed with any other girl—felt it was her right to get the one-on-one date with Sean because she hasn't had one, but instead, it went to AshLee

Sean and AshLee went off to their own private island for some half-naked sexy time in the clear blue waters and sandy beach. In between the makeout sessions on the sand, AshLee took it upon herself to warn Sean about Tierra's two-faced personality. We've seen this backfire before, but Lowe seemed genuinely happy with AshLee's honesty. 

And since they were playing the honest game, the 32-year-old hopeful had something she need to tell Sean. After a huge build-up, AshLee admitted that she got married her junior year of high school to her boyfriend at the time, but the two broke up the next year. Was Sean surprised? Yes. Did it ruin everything? Not at all.

In fact, at the end of their date, she yelled, "I love Sean!" There goes that L-word...

Guess who finally got their one-on-one date? Tierra! And guess who complained that their date was going to be touring the town instead of some lavish getaway? Tierra! 

The Bachelor, Sean Lowe, Tierra


During their date, Tierra maintained her smile and bubbly personality, showing Sean her high energy and how fun she could be, but AshLee's words didn't leave his mind, and he asked Tierra what the situation at the house is like. Like usual, she kinda just brushed it off, but she did call him out on being distant.

In the end, the date still ended nicely and she told Sean she's falling in love with him, which got him all giddy and thinking that maybe it doesn't matter if she's mean to the other girls. What?!

Desiree, Catherine and Lindsay went on the group date, which started at 5 a.m. with Sean busting into their room and waking them up, but it was totally worth it.

The four went to a part of the island that is the most eastern part of the United States, which meant they were the first four people to see the sunrise. The rest of their date was a road trip throughout all of St. Croix, to ultimately end up on the other side so they could see the sunset.

Des took charge and made use of her time with Sean, making it super awkward for the other two ladies, but it was a smart move. After all, there was a rose on this group date. But the rose went to Lindsay, guaranteeing her a hometown date.

The next one-on-one was with Lesley M., and it was one of the most laidback dates we've seen this season. Sean and Lesley literally just walked around a garden and picked avocados. Sean was hoping to get more from Lesley emotionally, and she thought she was doing that, but couldn't get herself to tell him that she was falling for him.

Hey, it's scary stuff.

Sean's sister Shay made a visit to give her li'l bro a pep talk. Back at the house, things got a little intense when Tierra decided to confront AshLee about throwing her under the bus to Sean. Of course, the duo couldn't have a decent, civilized conversation.

There was yelling, hands in the air and Tierra informing us that she cannot control her eyebrow or her face, men love her and that she has a sparkle. Thank you, Tierra.

That then led to her crying by herself and Sean conveniently walking in and trying to comfort her yet again, and her telling him that she has such a "good heart" yet again, but she's so "sensitive." And then...bombshell!

Sean let Tierra know that he went in there to have her meet his sister, but since this has been so emotionally taxing on her, he thought it'd be best for her to go home now. Yes, Tierra. Gone. That really happened. Sean listened to his sister's one piece advice of not keeping the girl that nobody else likes.

Sean let the other women know Tierra left that night, and also said he had a moment of clarity and knew who he was going to send home, so there wouldn't be a cocktail party.

Straight to the rose ceremony they went.

It came down to AshLee and Lesley M., and Sean decided to give the final rose to AshLee. Sorry, Lesley, Sean won't be visiting your lake house. And for whatever reason, Catherine took it harder than anyone else.

Do you agree with Sean's decisions tonight? Sound off in the comments!

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(Originally published Feb. 11, 2013, at 7:42 p.m. PT)

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