Eminem Makes Mommy Mad

Slaps rapper with $10 million lawsuit for calling her unfit--and lawsuit-happy

By Emily Farache Sep 20, 1999 10:50 PMTags
That'll teach him to trash talk Mama.

Rapper Eminem is facing a $10 million lawsuit from none other than his own parental unit for calling dear ol' Mother Eminem an unstable, drug-addled pill-popper.

He also called her, er, lawsuit-happy.

Debbie Mathers-Briggs filed the court action last Friday in her home state of Michigan, the Associated Press says. She's seeking $10 million in damages.

The trouble on the home front appears to have stemmed, in part, from an interview Eminem, born Marshall Bruce Mathers III, gave to Rolling Stone last April. In the article, the rapper said his mother kicked him out of her house after he failed the ninth grade--for the third time.

" 'Get a fucking job and help me out with these bills or your ass is out,' " the 26-year-old rapper quoted his mom as saying. "Then she would fucking kick me out anyway, half the time right after she took most of my paycheck"

In that same Rolling Stone interview, Mathers-Briggs denied her baby's take on things, claiming unending love and financial support of her potty-mouthed son. Her lawsuit claims sonny boy went on to bad mouth her in the hip-hop magazine, The Source, and on Howard Stern's radio show.

Eminem, the protégé of hip-hop guru Dr. Dre, hit the big time this year with his album, Slim Shady, and the single, "My Name Is."

The rapper, known for his obscene and violent rhymes dealing with rape and sex with underage girls, began freestyling in Detroit at age 14. In 1996 he made his solo debut with the independent release, Infinite.

No word on what choice words he has for his mom's lawsuit. Eminem's publicist could not be reached for comment today.