The Harlem Shake Is the New "Gangnam Style"!

T.Pain and Jimmy Fallon get in on the latest YouTube dance-music meme

By John Boone Feb 11, 2013 9:55 PMTags

"Gangnam Style" is officially (finally, mercifully) over. Which means we need a new dancing craze/meme to fill its place. With that, may we introduce you to: The Harlem Shake.

The premise is simple: The videos are about 30 seconds long and set to "Harlem Shake" by New York deejay Baauer. For the first 15 seconds, one person dances (or just humps the air) while everyone else in the room acts normal. Then, the beat drops and all hell breaks loose.

T.Pain has gotten in on the action (above) and Jimmy Fallon and his crew too (below). But the real gems are all on YouTube.

While every Harlem Shake is different—just like snowflakes—there are some common themes. A lot of times dudes get shirtless (and continue humping things: The wall, chairs, beds, each other).

Sometimes there are costumes involved.

And someone (a giraffe, a baby doll) getting punched. Repeatedly.

You can Harlem Shake at school.

With your grandmas.

And even if you're Charlie Brown.

If you're like us, at this point, you're hooked. So why not get the ultimate fix with Ryan Sims' "Harlem Shake (TL;DR Edition)," which features 49 Harlem Shake videos at one time.

Thank you, Internet gods, for this bounty.