Pope Benedict XVI

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Pope Benedict XVI sent shockwaves throughout the Roman Catholic Church—and the global faith community at large—after announcing today that he would be resigning as pontiff on Feb. 28 due to health reasons, the first pope to step down since 1415.

The 85-year-old's stunning decision—mitigated in large part by what he said was his deteriorating health and inability to fulfill the leadership tasks demanded of him—has fired up the Twitterverse, as celebs weigh in on the pontiff's momentous, controversial decision.

Here's what they had to say:

Ricky Gervais: "Being 'The Pope' means you are married to God. So, is this like a divorce?"

Piers Morgan: "The Queen's a year older than The Pope. Can't see her ever resigning because she's tired. #indefatigability1infallibility0"

Ricky Martin: "The #Pope resigns? I didn't know that was even possible. Apparently, the last time a pope resigned was the year 1415 #IfYouRintrested"

Patton Oswalt: "TOP POPE. Realty competition. Do it, Vatican."

Judd Apatow: "'@pattonoswalt: TOP POPE. Realty competition. Do it, Vatican.' Fox has already signed him as a commentator to replace Dick Morris."

Simon Pegg: "The Pope has resigned! Surely he can only be fired? God?"…" I think he got headhunted by Buddha. #poperesigns"

Kirstie Alley: "hope the Pope isn't sick. I'm not Catholic but it still feels sad..is there a successor like a VP in USA or Prince in UK? #religiousversion"

Caroline Manzo: "Saying Popes resignation is due to age/health. With Lent approaching... No Pope? Bizarre"

Matt Lauer: "Great to have Cardinal Dolan reacting on our set to the dramatic news of the Pope stepping down. Thanks, Your Eminence."

Dennis Miller: "Hillary to replace Benedict? #pope"

Colin Quinn: ' Hey, here's a crazy idea. HOW ABOUT AN IRISH POPE? We kept the Chuch doctrine like the Italians never did. #nomoreitalians #irishpope.com"

Star Jones: "PROOF twitter can tire anyone out. Even the #VicarOfChrist.> '#PopeBenedict was the first #Pope to be on Twitter.'"

Mia Farrow: "The last time a pope willingly resigned was in 1294 Hoping for a more progressive successor - imagine a pope more like Arch Desmond Tutu"

Debi Mazar: "Surprised thr was no twttr announcement from the #POPE who recently joined.He really had nothing 2 say.They r supposed 2 die in service..hmm"

Kevin Smith: "From now on, when someone snarks you with 'Is the Pope Catholic?' you can say 'He's not even the Pope anymore...'"

Doug Benson: "I may not be chosen to be the next #Pope but it's an honor just to be nominated."

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