Zach Galifianakis' web series Between Two Ferns tends to cover topics that Conan and Ellen and Jay probably won't any time soon.

Like what? Like:

Fat jokes (with "off-putting" Jennifer Lawrence, who tells Zach Galifianakis he should be "off pudding"), poop (Naomi Watts), high school nicknames (Amy Adams, was not called "Ginger Muff") and being drunk. On the show. At that moment. (Anne Hathaway, out-doing even her "I Dreamed a Dream" performance with drunkapella Beyoncé).

Galifianakis sat down with—then promptly played off—Oscars 2013's biggest nominees and learned, well, nothing really. Except Christoph Waltz isn't going to to change his name to Christoph Breakdance anytime soon.

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