Justin Bieber

Prince Williams/WireImage

Justin Bieber isn't letting that Grammy snub get him down. 

The singer—fresh off hosting SNL—just so happened to schedule a livestream for fans that coincidentally was at the same time as the awards show. "I'm gonna do an hour live video stream tomorrow at 8 est I'm gonna play some new music and answer questions send this to ur friend :)" he tweeted.

Except things didn't go as smoothly as he'd hoped. Biebs told Beliebers, "livestream is over capacity it not letting me in the room give me a second lol...alright so livestream isnt working.. soo im gonna figure something out."

"since nothing is working and im super upset i feel i gotta make it up to u. i should post a new song on twitter so you can still be excited," he continued.

However, before J.B. had to resort to that, he got a glimmer of hope when the technical difficulties subsided and he was finally able to get the livestream up and running—at least for a little bit.

"I am broadcasting live…come and check it out," he wrote, sharing a link before shortly following up with, "really now ustream is over capacity my fans are amazing but this is frustrating."

So what now?! "im gonna post a vid," Bieber said. Here's hoping it works out for Biebs—and all those Beliebers!

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