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10 months.

After last week's jaw-dropping episode, Scandal will pick up with Olivia Pope and Associates 10 months later, and we've got scoop on that state of Olivia and Fitz's currently off-again relationship in today's Spoiler Chat! Plus, we've got scoop on a fan favorite Arrow pairing, 90210's Liam and Annie, and the new character The Killing fans will be meeting in season three.

if that's not enough spoiler-y goodness for you, we've also got info on The Following, Girls and more!

Andrea: Got any Mindy Project scoop?
Someone's going to jail! Yes, one of our beloved characters will be behind bars in an upcoming episode. The silver lining? They'll be making a friend in the big house, one who is obsessed with The Real Housewives and jonesing for an update on the franchise's ladies. (Can you guess who ends up in jail now?)

Tina8920: Anything on Fitz and Olivia! #Scandal
They broke up, so they are done. Forever. Fake out! Of course Fitz and Olivia's story is far from over (have you ever watched a Shonda Rhimes show?! This will-they-or-won't-they dynamic is her bread and butter!) We can tell you that Fitz's new secretary is not starting off on a good foot with Mellie when the First Lady finds out she's been making time in the president's schedule for phone meetings. We repeat: Phone meetings, which is totally Fitz and Olivia's thing, no? Hurts. So. Good.

Deb: Forget Laurel, I'm loving the chemistry between Oliver and Felicity on Arrow! What's coming up for them?
Not romance, but secret-sharing! Yes, Felicity is let into the supersecret vigilante club as Oliver lets her in on his Arrow secret. Diggle? Not thrilled. Still, don't expect to see Felicity jumping for joy either as she agrees to help them only until they find Oliver's MIA stepdad.

Kevin: Obsessed with The Following! Got any scoop to share!
Tonight's episode will feature two first kisses, one is a flashback while the other happens very much in the present.

90210, Matt Lanter, Shenae Grimes

Scott Humbert/The CW

Let_Lannie_Be: What's coming up next for Liam-Annie? #90210
There's good news and bad news to report on the Lannie front. The good news: Annie's feelings for Liam will resurface in episode 15. The bad news: A source tells us Liam will start sleeping with someone new and pretty close to him soon.

Suzanne: Will Adam Driver be back on Girls?  It seems like his story arc is over, but his was one of my favorite characters!
What, Patrick Wilson and Laird weren't man enough for you?! We're happy to report Adam will be back in next week's episode, but will not be sharing any scenes with Hannah. Instead, Adam and Ray get to know each other when they take a trip to Staten Island together. They talk, they bond ,the fight, typical boy stuff…

Seth: Any scoop on what to expect from The Killing when it returns?
Holder has a new partner! Meet Carl Reddick, who is a career cop with a pretty good record. Not one to rough anyone's feathers or lose sleep over the cases he doesn't solve (so basically the polar opposite of Linden), this newbie will be recurring throughout the third season.

Marissa: Any Hart of Dixie scoop would be lovely!
We're going to be meeting Tansy's three older brothers in an upcoming episode, and you'll never guess what their names are: Rudy, Rocket and Chicken! Rudy is the oldest and a Chris Pratt-type who is the family's protector, Rocket is a little quieter than the others, at least until he starts drinking, and Chicken is a little off, the "odd duck." Good luck, George!

—Additional reporting by Tierney Bricker

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