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A fierce debate raged through this week's episode of Chasing The Saturdays: can Mollie King do an American accent? 

Mollie maintained that she was pretty good at it, but Vanessa thought otherwise. So when the girls decided to go to the L.A. County Fair in Pomona to see The Wanted, they came up with a wager: if Mollie can convince three people that she's from Pomona, then Vanessa has to eat some fried butter at the fair!

So Mollie introduced herself as Britney (after Britney Spears, of course), and managed to win the bet. "I have no idea how she's done that, because her accent is just awful," Vanessa complained. Luckily, there was no fried butter at the fair. Unluckily, Mollie made a homemade batch.

Things were less fun for Frankie Sandford and Una Healy this week. For Frankie, she had one of her panic attacks right before the girls were set to perform at the gay club Tiger Heat. But with some help from the girls, Frankie went out there and rocked the set anyway.

For Una, she and Ben hit a long-distance snag when she told him how quickly Aoife Belle is developing. "For me as a dad, I want to be there for everything," said a disappointed Ben.

Una's solution? Start a video diary! Frankie helped her shoot a video of her first attempt at trying to feed Aoife Belle solid food. She had a rough go of it, but that may have been the fault of the porridge.

Tune in next week for another episode of Chasing The Saturdays, Sundays at 10/9c on E!

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