Justin Bieber

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Why is Justin Bieber so upset about not being nominated for a Grammy? He's achieved so many other things, and he's not even 19!
—K.K., via Twitter

Indeed, with a career like his, the Bieb has little to complain about and a lot to be proud of. But here's a fact: Grammys drive album sales. Album sales mean more money for an artist. Here's another fact: There is nary a single person on the planet who wouldn't like a little more money. So how many more sales are we talking?

Let's use Adele as an example.

In the week following last year's Grammys, otherwise known as the Adele Show, sales for that singer's latest album, 21, skyrocketed 207 percent, according to a Billboard report. The Civil Wars, Bon Iver, Coldplay—all of whom performed or won or otherwise made hay at the Grammys last year—also saw a spike in sales following the big show.

Heck, even Skrillex saw a 23 percent leap in sales. So, given all that money at stake, can ya blame the Bieb for wanting a little more Grammy love?

This isn't the only question we've gotten about the big show Sunday. We've got more answers for ya!

Is Beyoncé performing at the Grammys on Sunday or not?
—L. Carrot, via Twitter

If so, it'll be a surprise. Bey may be everywhere else right now, from the inauguration to the Super Bowl to Serbia (!?), but she's not on the official lineup for Grammy performers this year. She is, however, expected to grace the red carpet.

Is my love Frank Ocean performing?
—Musical Virgo, via Twitter

You bet.

Lady Gaga

Courtesy: Frank Micelotta/PictueGroup

Will Lady Gaga be at the Grammys?
—Kill T.B., via Twitter

She's not slated to appear.

What's up with the new Grammy "dress code"? Don't you think it's kind of sexist? I do.
—K. Black, via Twitter

You're not alone . And, yeah, when you look at the list of stuff that is now banned, the new dress code does seem to focus more heavily on female body parts.

The no-no list includes clothing that exposes "bare fleshy under curves of the buttocks and buttock crack," which isn't likely to apply to men, along with "sheer, see-through clothing that could possibly expose female breast nipples" and "bare sides or under curvature of the breasts." Most guys don't have curvy breasts.

However, you should know that some restrictions seem to focus more on men, such as the "commercial identification of brand-name products" on clothing. After all, guys are more likely to wear T-shirts to a Grammy red carpet.

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