Walking Dead Scoop: David Morrissey Reveals What's Next for the Governor

Exclusive! Is a showdown between Team Rick and Woodbury on the horizon?

By Leslie Gornstein Feb 11, 2013 4:00 AMTags
Laurie Holden, David Morrissey, The Walking DeadGene Page/AMC

Spoiler Alert: Do not read the following post-mortem if you have not watched the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead. Don't do it! For those who have watched the episode, keep on truckin'!

Tonight's drama-packed return of The Walking Dead saw a chaotic world turned upside down yet again: Daryl (Norman Reedus) chose to take off with brother Merle (Michael Rooker) instead of remaining at the prison with his friends, breaking Carol's (Melissa McBride) heart in the process. Rick (Andrew Lincoln) flirted with insanity all over again. Glenn (Steven Yeun) grew a spine and chewed out Rick.

But perhaps the most interesting development of all came out of Woodbury: The Governor is in crisis after Rick & Co. invaded the seemingly idyllic sanctuary.

We caught up with the Governor himself, sexy British actor David Morrissey, to see what's next for his mysterious character and the rest of the season.

The Gov has now lost his daughter, his enforcer and control of the town. Does this make him less dangerous or more?
David Morrisey: Oh, he's dangerous. He's dangerous because he's got nothing left to lose. He's adopted a very nihilistic idea of the world, and that makes him a very dangerous man. The one place where he had hope for humanity and for himself was this child and this place. Now the humanity in himself is closing down. He wants revenge with the world. He is very bitter, and that will be played out in the second half.

Fans are going to be clamoring for a direct Rick-on-Gov showdown. Will they get it?
Well, the stars are aligned in some way for these communities to come together, and the leaders of those communities might have to confront each other. But I think that the Governor's anger is not really towards Rick. It's toward Michonne. That's where his anger is. This is about whether he can satisfy his angler with Michonne, and how he does that.

Gene Page/AMC

Glenn would certainly like a piece of your character right about now, too.
Yes. With how he has treated Glenn and Maggie, there is sort of a collision course being set.

Andrea seems to be rising to the occasion though. Does the Gov see that as a blessing or a threat?
He sees that she is someone who cares about the Woodbury populace. Now, he can use that in any way he wants. That desire she has for harmony, it will either have a soothing effect on him, or it'll be something he tries to manipulate.

Personally, I'd just love to see how the Gov might fare in the arena.
Oh, I think he would be very interesting in the arena. The whole thing about the arena is fighting for your life. But if you put the Governor in the arena, does he consider his own life worth fighting for? That's always an interesting thing for me about the Governor: Where is the value, for him, of his own life?