Amanda Bynes vs. Jay-Z? Actress Calls Rapper "Ugly Face" on Twitter, Then Deletes Post

What a girl wants is a feud? Thesp takes issue with the hip-hopster's looks with an insulting missive on her Twitter page before abruptly taking it down

By Josh Grossberg Feb 08, 2013 4:05 PMTags
Amanda Bynes, Jay-ZTwitter

Amanda Bynes has "99 problems" all right, but come on, is Jay-Z really one of them?

The troubled actress is back in the news—this time for allegedly tweeting "ugly face" and then linking to a photo of the rap kingpin, which she later scrubbed from her feed.

While it's not out of the question that the 26-year-old Bynes simply had her Twitter account hacked, it's also possible Amanda may simply have been looking for a feud and then thought better of it. 

The rest of Bynes' tweets from the last few days meanwhile consist of brief, cheery updates on her activities ("Loving New York!," "I just got done working out") and various Twitpic self-portraits.

In any case, her since-deleted diss fits right into the erratic behavior the erstwhile Nickelodeon darling's exhibited of late, not to mention run-ins with the law—from misdemeanors hit-and-runs, a DUI arrest and other traffic violations to her decision to retire from acting and strip her Twitter page down to nearly nothing back in August.

A rep for Bynes was unavailable for comment.