We bet Jessica Simpson and CaCee Cobb are so psyched to be pregnant at the same time—and they're not the only ones!

Their mutual expectant status "makes my baby get really good swag. My baby's gonna get hooked up," Cobb's husband, Donald Faison, joked to E! News today at Electronic Arts headquarters in Marina Del Ray, Calif., during a preview for the upcoming game Real Racing 3.

Telling us that he's "very excited" to be a dad, Faison said that being preggers together is "great for those two" because they've been best friends for a long time now and "they're helping each other out."

Donald Faison

Courtesy: Jesse Grant/Getty Images

"They're a good team," added the Wedding Band star.

While he admitted he's not in on whatever Cobb and Simpson might be planning for their respective nurseries—"It's a little early for that, let's slow it down a bit," he laughed—he said that watching them talk about having anything to do with babies is "really sweet to see," albeit a bit "overwhelming to be around sometimes."

It was also really sweet to see the former Scrubs surgeon talk about what sort of mom he envisions his wife will be.

"I'm really looking forward to seeing what Cacee's going to be like as a mom," Faison said. "She treats me wonderfully so, I imagine she'll treat our baby amazing, 'cause she's a really loving person."

—Reporting by James Sullivan

To see what else Donald had to say about the pregnant women in his life, tune in to E! News Friday at 7 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. 

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