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Want your Valentine's Day gift early? Fine, we've got a whole bunch of sweet (calorie-free) scoop for you to indulge in. It's Friday, live a little!

In today's Spoiler Chat, we've got scoop on a Santana-heavy Valentine's Day episode over on Glee, as well as information on what's ahead for New Girl's Nick and Jess. Oh, and we also chatted with a very handsome Grey's Anatomy doctor about what's coming up!

Plus, we've got spoilers on House of Lies, Parks and Recreation, The New Normal and more...

Mark in Portland: I've lost track of who is coming back to American Horror Story next year. Help!
Just recently Ryan Murphy confirmed both Frances Conroy and Taissa Farmiga will be returning for the third season. Also coming back? Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe. Phew!

BrownChompSoup: Anything on a Glee's Valentine's Day episode!?|
Something big goes down during the V-Day episode that sets up a pretty crazy situation that will be explored in the following episode. Vague enough for you? Sorry, can't say more than that. Speaking of that post Valentine's Day episode (titled "Girls (and Boys) on Film"), Santana will be featured heavily. The girl does some snooping around and she discovers some shocking secrets about [spoiler] and [spoiler]! Bonus scoop: Another mashup competition is coming!

Laurrr1148: Grey's Anatomy‚ How I Met Your Mother or Cougar Town?
We just played Rock, Paper, Scissors with ourselves (don't ask) to pick which show to deliver scoop on and Grey's Anatomy won! When we told Jesse Williams that it seems like there weren't any plans for death or destruction coming up on the show, he laughed and said we shouldn't believe that. Uh-oh. And is Jackson really thinking about moving to Boston?! "Yeah. He's got to take that seriously," Williams tells us. "It's something that's been pulling at him for a while. You gotta do what's best for you, and it's something that he has to think about."

Kelley: New Girl…..even though Nick and Jess seem to be just friends for now, there's got to be more coming up for them, right?
Possibly. One of the roommates suffers a tragic loss in an episode later on in the season, and it's exactly the kind of situation that would push two people together. Here's hoping Nick and Jess are the two that are pushed into each other's arms!

Matt Damon, House of Lies


George Z.: Love the Matt Damon on House of Lies photo. Any more scoop you can give us?
Kristen Bell tells us that the new season is going to be "very offbeat," and "a little bit funnier and a little bit darker" than last season. Plus, there is the whole will-they-won't they thing with her character and Marty. "The last season of House of Lies ended with Don Cheadle's character and my character sort of making some intense eye contact and the question was posed, ‘Are we going to hook up tonight?'  Which is, I think, a great cliffhanger for the end of any season," Bell tells us. "So this season is all about did we or didn't we? And in the beginning no one can really remember because there was a lot of alcohol involved. So, it's kind of about the dynamic shifts at the office. There are a lot of really great guest stars this year, so it's pretty star-studded."

Ronnie: After watching Parks and Rec, I'm beginning to think your pregnancy blind item is about Ann! Please tell me Ann doesn't sleep with Andy!
We are not confirming or denying that Ann is the subject of our pregnancy blind item, but rest assured, if she was…she is not having a baby with Andy. He is too in love with his wife, April…duh!

Ricardo from Hoboken, N.J.: Where is the New Normal scoop?
Right here! "There's something big that's going to happen to my character, Rocky," NeNe Leakes teases to us. "I can't even begin to give you a little hint, it's so fantastic! But something really good is going to happen in her life."

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins and John Boone

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