Pregnant Kristen Bell Talks Preparing for Motherhood: "I'm Gathering Advice From Everyone"

Actress opens up about what she has, and hasn't, done yet as she awaits her baby's arrival

By Peter Gicas Feb 07, 2013 8:15 PMTags

Kristen Bell is ready to be a mom. She's just not quite ready, ready.

"I haven't really done anything yet," Bell confessed while promoting the Neutrogena Naturals acne line. (Bell is the face of the line.) "I think that because I'm still working on House of Lies, I'm still focusing on work while I'm in the earlier terms of my pregnancy and then once I get to the point where I'm going to want to be on the couch all day, I'll start looking through baby books and picking everything out."

However, when it comes to preparing for parenthood, Bell has collected quite a bit of info from others

"I'm gathering advice from everyone. I have a lot of friends with kids and work with a lot of people with children, so I'm just asking what's their best bit of advice," she said. "The nice thing is that, hands down, every person I know that has ever had a kid has looked at me with confidence and said, 'Oh, this is the best thing you'll ever do with your entire life.' So, that's nice to know."

Bell and fiancé Dax Shepard announced last November they are expecting their first child together.