Whambulance Wednesday Soup

As employees of The Internet, it is one of our distinct pleasures to read constructive criticism from fans, haters, and seniors in computer skills classes. Like turds in a litterbox, outspoken commentary seems to cluster on our Facebook page. And for a while, we were able to remain comfortably detached, safe in our ivory cubicles.

But after rigorous emotional training that involved sticking toothpicks under our toenails, we are finally ready to meet your feedback head on in our new reader dialogue: Whambulance Wednesdays.

This week's WHA (Welcome Helpful Analysis) comes from Stacy, who had a visceral reaction to our photoshopped poster of the just-announced New Kids on the Block tour.

Stacy writes,

Whambulance NKOTB

Dear Stacy,

We know you're not reading this, because you no longer follow our page, but no, we're not happy. Not happy at all. We offended you with our implication that 40-somethings don't technically qualify as a "boy band," and we lost a fan with sophisticated music tastes and a loose Caps Lock key.

If there's one silver lining to all this - it's that we learned Block Nation is indeed alive and well. And selling attractive Block Nation ponchos on their website.

NKOTB poncho

Block Nation

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