Steven Seagal, Lawman

A and E

Steven Seagal wants to put his silver-screen skills to good use.

On Saturday, the action film star (and real-life reserve deputy sheriff) will lead an all-day training exercise for volunteers, which will demonstrating ways to respond during a school shooting.

According to a press release obtained by E! News, Seagal and six instructors from Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office in Arizona's Maricopa County will lead 40 armed volunteers through four different scenarios of a school shooting. The simulations, which take place at a school campus in the town of Fountain Hills will have 25 teenagers acting as students.

Seagal will show volunteers room-entry tactics and hand-to-hand tactics to use in a real-life situation.

Sheriff Arpaio's all-volunteer posse, which stands at 3,450 members, was formed in January shortly after the Newtown, Conn., tragedy. According to the release, Arpaio's members (including 60-year-old Seagal) now "patrol areas surrounding all schools in the area."

Arpaio hopes 1,000 new volunteers will join the group so his program may be reinstituted by the fall.

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