Justin Bieber, Jimmy Fallon

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Justin Bieber really opened up on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Tuesday.

"Crazy news, breaking news: Chuck Norris is my father," the Canadian singer revealed when confronted with a framed picture of the action star, one of the random objects he and Fallon used to shoot hoops with, along with ramen noodles, mannequin heads and milkshakes.

But the craziness didn't end there.

"Don't fall in love with it, Justin, no! Focus!" warned Fallon as Bieber proceeded to gently caress his female mannequin head's hair and plant a big kiss on its lips.

Too late, he had already grown attached and couldn't bring himself to get that head into the basket.

But things were pretty crazy from minute one when these two kindred spirits got together.

"You know what, the police really like to pull me over," Bieber admitted as the two talked cars, Fallon somewhat gushing over the teen's Ferrari 458 Italia. "I don't do anything, I promise. It looks bad, you see pictures of me, but really, the tints are really dark and a lot of the times they'll pull me over," he explained.

"I don't want to cause accidents because people are trying to take pictures and I thought it would be more safe for everyone else if I had dark tints," Bieber smiled. "I'm having fun being 18 and enjoying my life and being responsible." 

Fair enough.

Just like so many other 18-year-olds, the kid is getting ready to host and be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

"I'm nervous, but I think it's going to be fun. I've just got to remember to memorize the lines," he said. 

And no, "my abs are not my musical guest," Bieber protested when Fallon inquired about his increasingly famous six-pack.

Justin Bieber, Jimmy Fallon

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