The Bachelor


Love means never having to say yes to swimming in a freezing lake. But try telling that to Sean Lowe!

With The Bachelor camped out in the Canadian Rockies tonight, seven bikini-clad women were asked to defy the elements, ignore all rational thought and take the plunge (alas, not the plunge they're all angling to take) in glacial Lake Louise. 

After 10 seconds of squealing and splashing, the group then made their way back to dry land, where robes, hot coffee and congratulatory hugs from Sean awaited. But guess who wasn't feeling invigorated afterward?

Drama queen Tierra LiCausi, whose take-no-prisoners attitude has made her the pariah of the group this season, seemed to be in shock after the swim and needed a couple of medics to bundle her up and carry her off for examination. 

It was her turn to suffer while all the other women raved about what a bonding experience was and how they now want to go all over the world diving into cold bodies of water with Sean.

But Tierra also scored some snuggle time with Sean when he tracked her down in bed, where she was hooked up to a portable oxygen tank, to see if she was OK. He encouraged to rest up rather than force herself to attend the group-date party. 

AshLee Frazier predicted a "guaranteed no-drama" night without Tierra there, but...guess who slipped her freezing feet into heels and made her way downstairs after all?

Tierra certainly didn't think it fair, then, when Lesley Murphy got the group-date rose after a little makeout session.

And Sarah Herron must have found it even less fair when, the night seemingly over, Sean returned to the group, escorted her away and told her he wasn't really feeling it and it was time for her to go—two days before the rose ceremony.

Sean's one-on-one dates both ended happily, with Catherine Giudici and Desiree Hartsock both earning enough cool points (Catherine made carefree snow angels in the middle of a blizzard! Desiree can climb trees!) to stay in the running.

Perhaps feeling herself at a disadvantage among the more forward women around her (i.e. everybody else), Selma Alameri did an about-face from last week and gave Sean a quick kiss on the lips.

"To kiss someone on national television is a huge shame to my family," she said afterward, pleased with the results of her experiment. "Mama, please forgive me. It was necessary. I had to bring out the big guns tonight."

Wouldn't it have sucked if he had sent Selma home that night?

Yeah, well...

After doling out the remaining roses to Lindsay Yenter, AshLee and, last but not least, Tierra, there weren't any left for Daniella McBride, who never got her one-on-one, and poor Selma.

We hope her family doesn't give her too much grief.

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