Fill up a cup of wine, beer and/or your favorite Broadway-themed cocktail, Smash is back! And this time, we've made it a drinking game.

We love Smash, and we know there are lots out there who also love it. But there are also folks who love to hate it, or just hate it. Regardless of your emotions toward NBC's musical series, our Get Smashed drinking game will make your viewing much more pleasurable. In case you missed it, we posted the rules earlier. Now, let's recap the season two premiere of Smash, Team Watch With Kristin-drinking game style. Just remember to drink responsibly and do not, under any circumstances, drunk-dial old boyfriends or girlfriends. Just text them. OK, here we go:

There's a Meta Moment About Season One: The whole opening number! "I know I've kept you waiting/ I know I've made you mad," Karen (Katharine McPhee) sang to the camera. That's all that needs to be sad about season one. And that song also caught us up with everyone on the show. And then there was Tom's (Christian Borle) line to Julia (Debra Messing) about getting rid of her scarves, a nod to critics and fans constantly mocking Julia's wardrobe in season one.

You Breathe a Sigh of Relief About a Certain Plot Point or Character Getting the Ax: Bye Dev (Dev Sundaram)! Yeah, you throw out that note from him, Karen. You don't need his cheating ways, girl! Oh, but RIP, Michael Swift (Will Chase). We loved your Joe DiMaggio, but apparently you were asked to be let out of your Bombshell contract.

The Tension Between Karen and Ivy Is So Palpable, You Make an Awkward Joke Out Loud in Hopes of Dispersing It: Yikes. Karen refused to ride in cars or elevators with Ivy (Megan Hilty). And then there was that whole "I don't want you as my backup singer" thing. So awkward. Um, so a mushroom goes into a bar…

Smash Starts to Feel a Touch Like Gossip Girl: This was expected when former G.G. showrunner Josh Safran took over, but there was so much side-eyeing and snide comments from Bobby (Wesley Taylor) we were waiting for Ed Westwick to strut in singing a song called: "I'm Chuck Bass." Which would've been kind of epic. And then when Jerry (Michael Cristofer) texted that cryptic message about a secret plan?! XOXO, Safran.

Someone Talks About the Bombshell Reviews: The reviews for Bombshell were positive, except they singled out Julia's writing. Which led to lots of this:

Julia Cries/Complains: We'd complain and cry too if the reviews ripped us apart. Plus, she lost her husband in the most spectacularly public fashion. And everyone thought she had a nervous breakdown. And she kind of did. Thankfully, her new roommate is here to pull Julia out of her funk.

Karen's New Roommate Pops Up to Remind Us She Still Exists, and Yet You Still Can't Remember Her Name: Seriously, what's her name? Whatever, she's sweet.



Jennifer Hudson Hits a Note That Doesn't Seem Humanly Possible: J.Hud blew us away with her Smash debut song: "Mama Makes Three." Coincidentally, three is the number of drinks we had to take to honor this rule.

Derek and Karen Share a Sweet Moment: The way Derek (Jack Davenport) smiled at Karen when he saw how happy she was at Veronica Moore's show was just…siiiigh.

Eileen Says Something Nasty to or About Her Ex-Husband, Jerry: Pretty much every moment they spend together is full of nastiness. "I thought I felt a chill," is the greeting line Eileen (Anjelica Huston) gives Jerry when he sits down and interrupts her dinner. There are no drinks thrown, but Eileen does threaten just that.

You Get a Musical-Boner for Jimmy: When Jimmy (Jeremy Jordan) hits the last note while singing "Broadway Here I Come," our hearts grew eight sizes just to fit all our love for him in it.

Derek Says Something Intense, but the Intensity Is Lessened Due to the Accent: While he was trying to defuse the whole sexual-harassment-allegations situation, he cornered one of the ladies accusing him outside her gym and asked to give her a piece of his mind. And it was a brutal confrontation, but it felt less brutal because we were distracted by the way Derek said the word Pilates.

Jimmy Is Sensitive About His Work: A girl who found some success on Broadway is trying to help my musical get made? How dare she?! She has connections and she loves my music and thinks I'm talented? Ugh, go away "princess"! And that is exactly what Karen did. But then Jimmy came crawling back to her when he realized he was being a tool.

Derek and Ivy Share a Sweet Moment: An almost-drunken kiss counts as sweet in this day and age, right? At least they both knew it was a bad idea. Still, there does seem to be pieces of the love triangle still floating around. We doubt the Ivy-Derek-Karen debacle is over yet.

Drunkenness By the End of the Episode:

some text

That's a wrap, folks! What did you think of the season premiere? Come back next week to get Smashed again!

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