This week we've been unveiling the stars' biggest secret weapons: their glam squads. And when it comes to makeup, they don't get much better than Katey Denno, the woman who brings out the va-va-voom in Amanda Seyfried's eyes and January Jones' stunning skin.

Even Gwyneth Paltrow, that doyenne of perfection, has turned to Denno to make her peepers pop and bone structure stand out.

Even more beautiful: Denno insists on a beauty-from-within philosophy that ensures her clients are as healthy as they look. Sure, like most top makeup artists, she knows the value of a good drugstore mascara, but she also loves the simple way that a good beauty oil, such as argan, can transform someone's skin.

And while she isn't a fan of face powder, she won't hesitate to sweep a powerful pigment, such as Kjaer Weis Eye Shadow, on a client's lids for a stunning effect.

Denno's down-to-earth style comes from growing up in a strictly DIY household that was highly health conscious. Clearly, that background shows in the faces of her gorgeous clients.

January Jones, Katey Denno

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images; Facebook

But we're not through bringing you all the dish on what really makes an A-lister an A-lister. Listen in on his favorite tips (pardon the pun)—tonight on E! News.

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