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Editor's Note: Season six Bachelorette and current host of NBC's 1st Look Ali Fedotowsky is blogging exclusively on E! Online about the current season of The Bachelor, giving her reactions and spilling behind-the-scenes secrets. Check back every Tuesday!

Supposedly, Sean had a rough week. I have a feeling that's a stretch, and it's all being played up for drama purposes, but this is what I did think about this week…
Lindsay is cool—I dig her. She just seems natural and laid-back to me. And you have to agree that she and Sean make an adorable couple, right? Dancing with all those people around must have been awkward; but then again, when you are super into someone, you don't notice that you are in the middle of a big crowd dancing for everyone to see. That's the same reason you don't notice the cameras around all the time. People always ask me this, "How can you kiss each other with the cameras in your face?" The truth is, when you are really into someone, you just forget that the cameras are there. Spending time with that person is the only thing that matters.

I have mixed feelings about the group date and Sean's decision to let the Blue Team come to the afterparty. I completely understand why the Red Team was upset—they won fair and square. And think of how Desiree must feel after downing that goat's milk for no reason. However, you have to understand this isn't a game, despite how it seems. This is real life and at the end of the day, Sean wants to choose one of these girls to be his wife. The time he has with each of them shouldn't be determined by who can saw a log the fastest or chug goat's milk. That said, if Sean felt that he needed more time with all of the girls, he shouldn't have had the competition. That really wasn't fair to the girls. But I completely get it. He just should have made the decision before the competition.
Moving on to Tierra: Showing up to the group date uninvited was really messed up and freaky. I was terrified when she snuck up behind him. Ha! I honestly feel sorry for her because her behavior is making her come across as very insecure. I really don't think she means to act the way she does. I'm guessing that in her mind, she is doing what she knows best to get a man (perhaps because of what happened to her ex-boyfriend?) I'm not really sure what is going on with her, but I really just don't think she knows how to have a healthy relationship. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm not convinced that she is a bad person. I just think she is misguided. Before I move on from the group date I have to ask: Was Tierra wearing a shirt from the Blue Team? That is so crazy weird.
Time for the infamous two-on-one date! Look, Sean knew who he was sending home on the two-on-one date before it even started. Let's face it, you either know who you are sending home before the date or you bring two people you're not into at all so you don't care who goes home. Think about it: Why would you ever bring two people that you really like, knowing you have to send one of them home? Makes no sense. My guess is that the producers asked Sean to bring both girls on this date. I'm not so sure he cared who went home. At least that's how it worked on the two-on-one date on my season. I brought Kasey and Justin and I knew neither was right for me, so I asked the producers to pick. Justin was the one chosen to stay. I didn't know at the time, but I think it's because he had a girlfriend at home and the producers knew that was going to play out in the next episode. Let me be clear that producers don't always choose, but when it didn't matter either way to me, I was happy to let them decide.

When Jackie told Sean about Tierra's behavior, he handled it completely differently than he handled Kacie B coming to him about Desiree. I have to wonder why he reacted so differently? Is it because he was looking for a reason to send Kacie home? But I kind of feel he is looking for a reason to send Jackie home, too (he just doesn't seem into her at all). So that doesn't seem like that's the reason. Maybe it's because he keeps hearing about Tierra from multiple girls, so now he wants to hear what they have to say about it? Just something to ponder.
At the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, Sean tells Desiree that she doesn't need to worry about getting a rose on group dates. That comment is extremely telling to me. That tells me that he is positive that he wants to keep her around for a long time. As the Bachelor(ette), you worry that the contestants that you really like will get fed up with the process, so you find ways to reassure them along the way. I constantly found ways to let Roberto and Frank know that they had nothing to worry about on the group dates or at the rose ceremonies because I wanted them to know that I didn't question my feelings for them. That's what Sean is doing with Desiree.
OK, now my favorite part of the blog. Answering YOUR Twitter questions:
Donna Dunn (@ddunn) asks @AliFedotowsky @eonline: How hard is it to date the others when, (most) have picked with in the first few shows???
I am one of those Bachelor/Bachelorettes that knew my top two the very first night and I have to say that it is extremely difficult to go through the process and date a bunch of other people when you know who you are most interested in. Not only because you can't spend more time with the guys you really like, but also because I was scared that the guys I was really into would get frustrated and give up. It is very difficult situation. That said, sometimes it can be really good because it gives you the chance to go on dates with people that you wouldn't normally date and maybe discover things you want in a life partner that you never knew you did.

Christina Jodrell (@cmjodrell): I've always wondered if the girls do their own hair and makeup for the rose ceremonies?
Yes. The girls do all their own hair and makeup. On the very first night there are people there for touchups, but that's it. I don't know for sure if the final two girls get their makeup done (I didn't make it that far on The Bachelor), but I do know that they are given dresses for the last rose ceremony. So I assume they get hair and makeup as well. As the Bachelorette, I got to use Chris Harrison's hair/makeup artist, but only during the rose ceremonies—not on the dates.
Jen Lyon (@jackpot_party): What do the girls eat when at the mansion? Or does the show provide groceries for everyone to cook?
On my season, we had a list that we would fill out every day of the things we wanted from the grocery store. Each girl could add anything she wanted to the list. Some of the girls cooked a lot, but I usually stuck to Lean Cuisines. Ha. We could also requests things like water balloons or other fun things to play with.
And now it's time for my superlatives:
Biggest Surprises:

1. How cool Lindsay seems. All we really knew about her up until this point is that she likes to wear wedding dresses on first dates.

2. How close Sean and Catherine seem. They must be spending quite a bit of time together that we aren't seeing on the show (sneaky producers). It was so cute how Catherine sat on Sean's lap to talk to him during their only time together.

Quote of the Night:
Runner-Up: "He likes me." —Lindsay. She said this on their date together and it was so sweet and endearing.
Winner: "I have the biggest heart." —Tierra. This is one of those things that you don't say about yourself. If you have a big heart, others will see it. Oh, Tierra, you lost me this week.

Front-Runner(s): Desiree and Lindsay.

Destined to Fail: Tierra. Sean already wants to send her home at this point.

My Girl Crush: Desiree—that girl took down that goat's milk like a champ!

Most Ridiculous Moment: Everything that Tierra did.
Random Thought: Honestly it's hard for me to watch this show. Kissing multiple people in one night. Yuck. I honestly have no idea how I survived.

I had a lot of fun watching with you guys last night. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter @alifedotowsky. I live-tweet every week! I am flying to Texas tonight for work, but I am going to try to catch an earlier flight so I can tweet with you guys tonight, too! If I don't make it on the earlier flight then I will see you all next week!
Until next time…
xo, Ali

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