Chris Brown & Frank Ocean Alleged Brawl: Police Closing Investigation, No Charges to Be Sought

Singers off the hook over their alleged dustup over a parking space at a Los Angeles recording studio in January

By Alexis L. Loinaz Feb 05, 2013 1:35 PMTags
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Neither Chris Brown nor Frank Ocean will have to face the music over their alleged dustup—at least in court.

Authorities say they are closing their investigation into a supposed brawl between the two singers and don't plan to seek any charges, per published reports.

Brown, 23, and Ocean, 25, got into an alleged fight over a parking space at a Los Angeles recording studio on Jan. 27, with Ocean claiming that he suffered a cut on his finger. Breezy, meanwhile, was spotted afterward with a cast on his hand.

A spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department says authorities are unlikely to push for a misdemeanor battery charge against Brown, who is still on probation for his 2009 beatdown of Rihanna, and that they plan to speak with Ocean before closing the case.

The Channel Orange crooner himself has said that he won't press charges against Breezy.

In a post on his Tumblr page this past weekend, he wrote: "I'll choose sanity. No criminal charges. No civil lawsuit. Forgiveness, albeit difficult, is wisdom. Peace, albeit trite, is what I want in my short life. Peace."

Ocean is scheduled to perform at the Grammy Awards on Feb. 10, alleged injuries notwithstanding.