The Bachelor, Tierra


Finally, a trip!

The remaining ladies of The Bachelor packed their bags and met up with Sean Lowe in Montana, where they'll either be on a one-on-one date, group date or the dreadful two-on-one date. Dun, dun, dunnn.

As much as Tierra thought she deserved that solo date with Sean, it went to Lindsey, who got to experience her first helicopter ride and visit to Glacier National Park.

The date was full of kisses, romantic scenery and some wine, followed by a Sarah Darling concert with the people of Whitefish. Yes, Lindsey got the rose. 

While the others were hanging out around the house, the group date card arrived. Whoever's name wasn't on the card, would be on the two-on-one. So who were the lucky two? Tierra and Jackie. Surprisingly, Tierra was all smiles about it. 

Meanwhile, the other ladies joined Sean for their group date, which was a wilderness relay race. The eight women were split into two teams of four and had to start off with a canoe race, then buck hay, then saw through a log, then milk a goat, and last, but certainly not least, drink the goat's milk. 

Although they were late from the start, the red team (Selma, Desiree, Sarah and Robyn) finished first, which meant the other girls had to head back home while these four got extra time with Sean.

At least, that's what they thought. Sean didn't feel right having the other four ladies leave, so he invited them to the night date as well. How sweet, right? Yeah, but the red team didn't like what had happened. 

And they really wouldn't have liked to know that Tierra hijacked Sean during an on-camera interview just to make sure they were on the same wavelength before their date the next day. Does this girl ever go away?

After reassuring her yet again that he hasn't forgotten about her, Sean went back to his date with the other ladies. If you thought the women from the winning team were annoyed that the "losers" got to join in on the date, imagine how they felt when Sean gave the rose to Daniella, who was part of the blue team. Yeah, not good at all.

The next day, Tierra and Jackie saddled up for their horseback riding date with Sean. During their one-on-one time, Jackie decided to let Sean know that Tierra wasn't being genuine and even flirted with some "cute guy" at the airport. 

We all thought that was going to be the deal breaker, but nope, because during Tierra's one-on-one time, she revealed that her ex-boyfriend of five years was in and out of rehab, and he died while they were still together, that's why she is so afraid of losing someone again.

Whatever her reasoning was behind sharing that story, it worked, because she got the rose and Jackie was sent home. 

The rose ceremony was another awkward gathering with everyone wondering why Sean chose to keep Tierra. In an effort to squash their beef, Robyn approached her (she was sitting alone in another room), but nothing came of it.

After saying how sick she was of the looks and talking behind her back, Tierra said, "If I wanna go get engaged, I'll go get engaged. There are plenty of f--king guys in the world."

Of course, Sean just so happened to walk by while Tierra was fuming at the other girls, and that made him a little uneasy. So he pulled her to the side and asked what was going on. She continued to say that everyone would attack her but she didn't know why. Sean was sick of the vague answers, so he went to Lesley to find out the truth. But even she wasn't sure what to tell him. 

Once it came down to handing out the roses, Robyn was the one sent home. 

Do you agree with Sean's decision? Sound off below and don't forget to catch The Bachelor again tomorrow night!

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