Sable has been defrocked.

As part of a settlement with the World Wrestling Federation, the ring's leading vixen has agreed to stay out of the "fight" game for three years and relinquish claims on the name Sable, today's USA Today reports.

For those givebacks, the Wrestling Leading Lady Formerly Known As Sable (real name: Rena Mero) got the WWF to settle her scandalizing $110 million lawsuit--a deal that made her family "very happy," Mero's husband tells the newspaper.

Specifics of the out-of-court pact, hammered out last Friday, were not disclosed. No comment yet from the WWF.

In June, Mero shocked pro-wrestling fans by delivering a legalese body slam to the WWF. The lawsuit was rife with allegations of sexual harassment, unsafe working conditions and an unsettling feces-related incident. (She claimed she knew the WWF was out to get her when she discovered poop--not her own--in her gym bag.)

In an interview with TV Guide, Sable also hinted the wrestling industry, the most-watched programming on cable TV, was riddled with steroid abuse.

"I can't say for certain," she told the magazine shortly after filing the lawsuit. "'s common knowledge that you do not look like the people in our sport without enhancement."

On the subject of enhacement, Sable alleged that her labor strife began when she refused to bare her breasts in the ring.

"There is a time and a place for that," she said--just not in the ring.

In addition to $110 million, Sable's lawsuit sought--unsuccessfully, as it turned out--the rights to her wrestling moniker and profits from all future Sable merchandise.

As for her post-Sable life, Mero is in talks to do a TV series based on the sword-fighting Red Sonja pulp heroine, among other projects, Marc Mero tells USA Today.

The Sable lawsuit was the second black mark to hit the high-flying WWF this year--the first, being the in-the-ring death of performer Owen Hart in May.

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