MARRIED FELLA: Director Martin Scorsese wed onetime book editor Helen S. Morris last Thursday in New York City, his rep has announced. It's his fifth marriage; her second.

THE MASTER: Tippi Hedren and Janet Leigh on hand Tuesday to unveil a new Alfred Hitchcock monument at Hollywood's Universal Studios. The legendary filmmaker would have been 100 next month.

GOODBYE, GLADYS: Sandra Gould, who played battleax busybody Gladys Kravitz on TV's Bewitched from 1966-72, died of a stroke July 20, it's been learned. She was 73.

UPDATE: Horrormeister Stephen King now writing for 90 minutes a day, he says, but spending many more hours rehabing from injuries suffered when he was struck by a minivan.

OH, BOY: Mick Jagger is the daddy of model Luciana Morad's newborn son, his rep confirms. This, based on DNA evidence.

JAGGER ADD: Morad was the other woman (one of them, anyway) in the split of the rocker and "wife" Jerry Hall.

BAD VIBES: One person killed, three others injured in car accidents following the fiery close of Woodstock '99 on Sunday night, Upstate New York police say.

HOW WILL WE TELL THEM APART? Matt Damon possibly to join Tom Cruise in Steven Spielberg's planned sci-fi flick, Minority Report, Daily Variety says.

STICKY FINGERS: Brad Pitt likely to star in the heist flick Diamonds for breakthrough British director Guy Ritchie, Daily Variety says. For more casting news, see Dotted Line.

EARLY REVIEW? In the upcoming Runaway Bride, Richard Gere plays a USA Today columnist--because The New York Times declined to let him play one of theirs, he tells Variety.

KEEP YOUR PANTS ON! In Israel, ultra-Orthodox Jews objecting to loincloth-equipped posters for Disney's Tarzan.

NAME GAME: ABC's The Norm Show to simply go by Norm come the fall. The New York Post says the creator of a comic strip called The Norm insisted on the switch.

THAT'S "TEEN SPIRIT": Nirvana's Nevermind named the greatest album of the 1990s by Spin magazine.

NEW HOME: The Foo Fighters, with ex-Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl, jumping to RCA Records, from Capitol. A new release due in November.

CLEARED: In Australia, a woman apologizing in court to Daniel Johns for filing bogus harassment charges against the Silverchair rocker.

LIP SERVICE: Country/popster Shania Twain inking an endorsement deal with Revlon. She'll hawk ColorStay Liquid Lip.

EYES HAVE IT: New York's film critics joining Los Angeles counterparts with a protest letter over Eyes Wide Shut's digitally altered orgy.

MEANWHILE... Cable's USA to bleep and digitally alter away in order to get an airable version of Howard Stern's Private Parts on TV on August 27.

ATTENTION CUTTHROAT ISLAND FANS: Warner Bros. launching in honor of the director. It's the studio's first in a series of filmmaker sites.

ATTENTION KIM BASINGER: Benjamin, a baby Asian elephant, died while playing in a pond in Houston, his circus bosses at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey announced Monday.

OPENING DOORS: Rocker Ray Manzarek to go indie film director with Love Her Madly, not based on the Doors lyric, Variety says.

BEATLES FOR SALE: A navy blue cashmere coat once worn by John Lennon picked up at a U.K. auction for $5,760, well below the anticipated $160,000.

HEADLINE: ABC leading the way with 22 nominations for the TV news Emmys, to be handed out September 8 in New York City.

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