Puppies, Puppy Bowl

Keith Barraclough/Discovery

If you prefer your football games with less football and more frolicking puppies then the Puppy Bowl is for you!

And if you were forced to suffer through the actual Super Bowl—at least the sports of it all, you thought Beyoncé was super fierce, right?—Animal Planet has made it easy to relive all the best moments of yesterday's Puppy Bowl IX.

And let's get real, when it comes to puppies "playing" football, it's all best moments. Less rules (WTF is offsides anyways?!), cuter players (sorry to Colin Kaepernick and his chin-beard-thing) and the halftime shows is kittens. Kittens!

So how exactly does one score in the Puppy Bowl? It's basically the same as football: Get the ball in the endzone. Except the ball is a dog toy and you just have to kind of get near the endzone.

P.S. There were two nearly identical puppies named Simba and Nala playing! Do you die?! They don't score in this clip. But if you care about that then you're too competitive and go rewatch the 49ers third quarter comeback because we don't want your kind here.

As for the MVP, that honor goes to Marta, a 10-week old Schnauzer/Beagle mix, or, as the announcer dubs her, "the little pup that outhustled dogs twice her size." Watch as she ruff-houses with the best of 'em!

Awww. Let's get even realer: The real winner in all of this is all of us.

Oh yeah, and did we mention there was a Kitty Halftime Show. Kittens!

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