Maybe this explains why Motion Picture Association of America President Jack Valenti said it was a mistake not to give the South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut an NC-17 rating.

Media Index, a small company in Colorado Springs, has applied the scientific method to determine that Trey Parker and Matt Stone's animated raunch-o-rama is the most profane movie ever made.

According to the new survey, the film version of Comedy Central's hit series packs 399 bad words and 128 crude gestures in just 80 minutes. That averages out to five four-letter words per minute.

Media Index also tallied 221 violent scenes within the South Park flick.

The firm--which claims to have no political agenda--says the film is so vulgar, it friggin' outcusses the previous nasty champ, Pulp Fiction. (Quentin Tarantino's opus contained more bad words--411 in all--but ran more than two hours.)

What would Uncle F--ka say?

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