Jenny McCarthy


So, what did you do when the lights went out in half the stadium during Sunday's Super Bowl?

Well, if you're Jenny McCarthy, you took advantage of the unexpected downtime to get inked.

"Got a new tattoo during half time Black out," the 40-year-old blond beauty tweeted on Monday morning along with a photo revealing the body art on her foot. "So excited 2 b wearing heels on The Today show this morning. Ouch."

McCarthy later pointed out that it "hurts a bit today."

But evidently it's not just the new tat that is causing some discomfort.

"Cramps on press tour," she shared. "Doing Kathy lee and Hoda next. Hoping they have a heating pad and Whisky. Wait... Of course they will have Whisky."

(E! and Today are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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