Oliver Says He Wasn't Stoned

Filmmaker pleads not guilty to felony drug charges

By Daniel Frankel Jul 16, 1999 1:00 AMTags
The inventory reads like a Hunter S. Thompson novel: Fenfluramine and phentermine, ingredients in the FDA-banned fen-phen diet program; Meprobamte, a muscle relaxant; Hydrocodone, a pain reliever similar to Vicodin; oh, and a small amount of marijuana.

According to Beverly Hills police, who arrested Oliver Stone last month, these controlled substances were in the controversial director's possession when the cops pulled him over for alleged drunken driving in June. (A Breathalyzer test gauged the 52-year-old filmmaker's blood-alcohol level to be over the 0.08 legal limit.)

On Thursday, the director of Platoon, Wall Street and JFK pleaded not guilty to two felony drug-possession counts and three misdemeanor charges of driving under the influence.

Stone is free on $12,000 bail pending an August 20 hearing.

Outside court, his attorney, Paul Takakjian, didn't say a whole lot--only, "He had entered a plea of not guilty, which is a complete denial of the charges." Stone said even less. Instead of answering reporters' questions, he pulled out a camera and took their pictures.

Stone was stopped June 9 while driving--badly, according to the police, who say he was swerving all over the place--his 1987 Ford Mustang on tony, winding Benedict Canyon Road.

After blowing the breath test, the cops say they searched the decorated Viet Nam vet's car and found the drugs. No word yet if a complicated conspiracy involving paramilitary Cuban dissidents is to blame for planting them there.