Smurfette Fashion Line

Jose Pedormo/Sony Pictures Animation/Junk Food Art House

Remember when having the blues meant you weren't feeling so fabulous?!

Well, it's time to throw away that old cliché!

Thanks to the Le Look Smurfette collection that will be premiering at New York's Fashion Week, being blue has become très chic!

On Feb. 13, a collection celebrating Smurfette's fun, futuristic style will debut at the Conair Style360 space in Manhattan.

The result of a collaboration between Junk Food Art House, Lois Sakany and Samia Grand-Pierre of and Sony Pictures Animation, the creators describe the clothes as "Gamine Chic."

As for what we can expect (besides all things being blue), they revealed that we'll definitely see some Smurfette-inspired mod dresses, sharp trousers, flip skirts and three-quarter-length cropped jackets.

The Le Look Smurfette line will be available at select premium retailers in the months leading up to the movie.

Junk Food Art House's distribution includes halo retailers such as Colette, Selfridges, Beams, Bloomingdale's and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Do you think a cartoon character-inspired clothing line is chic or childish?

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