Listen to these words used to describe rocker-actress Courtney Love: "Down to Earth"; "concerned and very helpful"; "Good Samaritan"; "a trooper."

And amazingly, it's not even her publicist who's saying these things.

On her 35th birthday Friday, Love is receiving huge props for helping out several traffic accident victims in Calgary a day earlier.

According to Royal Canadian Mounted Police officials, Love and her Hole bandmates were caravaning down the TransCanada Highway in two tour buses Thursday when they saw a Volkswagen Golf traveling next to them lose control and spin off the road.

The VW's driver, 26-year-old Saskatchewan native Christopher Rogers, was okay, but his wife, Darlene Rogers (pregnant with twins), and her mom were a bit banged up and shaken--and stuck in the car that was tipped over on its side.

Enter Courtney Love, caring nurturer.

According to RCMP constables, Love and her entourage pulled over and freed Darlene Rogers and her mother from the wreckage, then took them into the bus to lay down.

In addition to giving them some nice hot tea, Love purportedly inspected the pair's minor injuries and administered first aid. Oh, and she gave all three accident victims tickets to Friday's Hole performance in Calgary, part of the band's participation in Canada's Edgefest summer concert tour.

"She was very nice," said Christopher Rogers, describing his rescuer to local papers. "She was very helpful."

"She was a tremendous person," added Constable Daryl Bedard, "down to Earth and very compassionate. She was extremely helpful."

According to the Calgary Herald, Bedard received an autographed Love picture.

Yep, the woman accused of beating up fans, reporters and fellow musicians over the years is--who would guess--really misunderstood.

"She's a very sweet lady," bandmate Melissa Auf der Maur said. "So don't believe everything you see or read."

...Except, Auf der Maur added, what you read in the Calgary Herald.

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