Gotta love Khloé Kardashian Odom's kandor!

Thursday on Watch What Happens Live!, Kim Kardashian's sister told Andy Cohen she thinks Kris Humphries is "delusional" and "fame-hungry."

"I don't know why he's asking for anything," the 28-year-old E! star said, adding that she doesn't understand how despite their prenups, the divorce process is taking so long. "[Kim's] obviously moved on with her life. I don't know why he's is holding onto it because I'd think he would want to move on with his life."

Khloé also said her sister's ex is "delusional," "fame hungry" and "wants money."

"Everything he's doing is so—it's just gross to me," she added.

And while Lamar Odom's wife is klearly no fan of the Hump, she adores her sisters' boyfriends. When asked by Andy if she'd rather "bone" Scott Disick or Kanye West, Khloé konfessed she'd rather hit the sheets with Kim's man.

"Well, actually, I'm really proud of Scott right now," she said diplomatically. "I'm really liking Scott, and I've always loved Kanye. But, since I've only gone black—once you go black, you stay there, so…"

Ha, we're sure 'Ye is flattered he beats out Lord Disick in a hypothetical game of "Who Would You Rather." But let's be honest: The only man Khloé's getting cozy with is Lam!

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