So, this is what girl power can get you: An $800,000 wedding reception, a $1.6 million photo deal with a magazine and $160,000 gold-and-diamond tiara for your very own princess head.

Yes, the Sunday wedding in Ireland of popster Posh Spice to British soccer star David Beckham had all the trappings of a royal affair--minus the guest list, which included curious names the likes of Scary, Sporty and Baby.

Ah, love in Spiceworld.

The second Spice Girls wedding in a year (Scary's was the first), Posh's was the nuptials of the decade--at least according to Britain's OK! magazine, which plunked down the $1.6 mil for exclusive photo and story rights.

With OK! hogging the coverage, important details about dresses, tuxes and such were unavailable. But this much we know:

The 25-year-old Posh (aka Victoria Adams) and Beckham, 24, exchanged their vows at a 15th century Irish castle in Dublin.

The bride wore a small crown that London's Sunday Times said outdid the one donned by Prince Edward's bride at their to-do last month, proving that while a princess is a princess, a Spice Girl sells more stinkin' records and, therefore, can justify more elaborate headwear.

The actual ceremony was attended by just 29 family and friends, including aforementioned Spices Scary, Sporty and Baby.

The reception played to a packed house of nearly 300, including the fun couple's infant son, Brooklyn. (Early reports said Elton John also was a guest, not to mention a scheduled performer. But it later was learned that the singer had been a late scratch, reportedly due to heat stroke suffered during a gig in Italy.)

An 18-piece orchestra performed an array of Spice Girls hits (and/or "Wannabe" played multiple times).

Spice Girls exile Ginger (aka Geri Halliwell) either wasn't invited or didn't RSVP (depending on accounts). The bottom line: She wasn't there.

The wedding dinner consisted of red pepper soup, turkey, Mediterranean vegetables and (choice of) summer berries turrine or hot pudding. Sorry, no pie and punch.

(ORIGINALLY POSTED at 1:35 p.m. on 7/4/99)

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