30 Rock Series Finale: 7 Great GIFs for 7 Great Seasons

Tina Fey's comedy is coming to an end, look back on Liz Lemon, Jack Donaghy and more's greatest moments

By John Boone Jan 31, 2013 10:53 PMTags

Tonight, we bid a final farewell to Liz Lemon and 30 Rock. If you have the time, watch these 10 seminal episodes of the NBC comedy. But if you just want to quickly relive some of the best of Tina Fey and company, we've rounded up 7 GIFs we love to represent each of the show's 7 seasons (which we also loved).

Season 1:

That one time Jenna wanted attention. And got it.

Season 2:

That one time Liz high fived herself.

Season 3:

That one time Liz met Oprah Winfrey and they ate salt water taffy. Also, that one time Liz told "Oprah" she kissed a girl at summer camp...and then the girl drowned.

Season 4:

That one time all of Liz's boyfriends were hotter than your boyfriends. Shout out, Dennis Duffy!

Season 5:

That one time Liz high fived a million angels.

Season 6:

That one time Queen of Jordans was our favorite reality show ever. (Anyone else suddenly craving ham?)

Season 7:

And all the times that friends are forever.

We'll miss you, 30 Rock!

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