Jennifer Lawrence, Nicolas Hoult, X-Men First Class

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Will it be awkward when Jennifer Lawrence reunites with her real-life ex Nicholas Hoult for their second X-Men movie? What does Justin Timberlake do in between takes? And who's that new Kinski making her way in Hollywood?

Get all the answers to those questions and more in this week's installment of Big-Screen Spoilers...

Jennifer Lawrence & Nicholas Hoult's Reunion

Not much is known about X-Men: Days of Future Past (the highly anticipated sequel to X-Men: First Class) aside from a few casting announcements and some fanboy rumors circulating the forums.

Heck, not even the actors know what's in store for them when they return to the franchise: "Still waiting to hear!" Nicholas Hoult, who plays Beast, confessed at the Warm Bodies premiere when we asked for details about the sequel.

That said, Hoult is confident: "But it's with Bryan Singer, who directed Jack and the Giant Slayer that I did last year, so I've spoken to him a little bit and he's very excited and I think it's going to be very cool."

As for his onscreen relationship with now-ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique? "We'll wait and see how that relationship develops," he played coy. "They're going to split between different times a little bit, with the older cast coming back, so we'll have to wait and see."

Jodie Foster, Elysium


Hating on Jodie Foster

We're getting more insight into Matt Damon and Jodie Foster's upcoming sci-fi thriller, Elysium. Photos out today show Foster from three different angles.

The Oscar winner's intense look includes short blond hair (think Suze Orman without so much volume), an electronic gadget behind her right ear and a very serious stare.

"She is a head of state," Foster recently told us. "She's not a bad guy, but you'll hate her."

Justin Timberlake's Brings the Beat to Ben Affleck Flick

Justin Timberlake may have a new hit song dominating radio airwaves ("Suit & Tie") and a new album hitting stores soon, but that doesn't mean he's giving up on acting: In fact, he has a movie coming out too, called Runner, Runner and costarring Ben Affleck.

The film focuses on the world of offshore gambling and it looks like J.T. might be in a bit of trouble: "I play this Ph.D. student that Justin Timberlake goes to because he's being cheated," Dayo Okeniyi (of Hunger Games fame) told us. "I really don't want to give too much of it away. I'll just say I play a Ph.D. student at Princeton that Justin Timberlake's character works with to figure out what's going on."

As for working with Justin, Dayo laughed, "It's Justin. He beat boxes in between takes, so that's pretty interesting. It's Justin from 'N Sync and all that. It's really interesting."

Nastasia Kinski, Sonja Kinski

Luca Teuchmann, Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Nastassja Kinski's Diamond Daughter Is Ready to Shine

Get ready for some more Kinski in Hollywood. First there was the controversial filmmaker Klaus Kinski. Then there's his model-turned-actress daughter Nastassja and now there's Nastassja's own daughter Sonja Kinski.

Like her mother, the 26-year-old beauty started in modeling. "I hate modeling, but I'm grateful at the same time for the pay," she told me while promoting her indie drama Diamond on Vinyl at Slamdance. "I'll never turn it down because it pays the bills."

She admits she doesn't watch her controversial grandfather's work because "he wasn't a good person," especially to her mother.

"But I do watch my mom's work," Sonja said. "I ask her a lot of questions. She's worked with a lot of great people."

Here's to many great people in your future, Sonja!

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