Lindsay Lohan

David McNew/Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan and her business partner Kristy Kaylor filed a lawsuit today against the company that manufactured her clothing line, 6126.

"DNAM continues to sell the brand worldwide even though the license has been revoked due to many breaches including not paying royalties and doing private labels with major retailers on the styles Lindsay designed," a source in Lohan's camp told E! News. "This is more than just jeggings; it is a full collection of ready-to-wear."

The suit, obtained by E! News, states 6126 (named in homage to Marilyn Monroe's birthday) has "suffered damages in excess of $1,100,000 to date."

Our source added, "DNAM has made millions on this line. People can say what they want about Lindsay, but she put her heart into this brand and designed over 300 original pieces."

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