Lindsay Lohan still has one Hollywood star who's in her corner: Charlie Sheen.

Appearing on Wednesday night's edition of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the Anger Management star expressed his support for the troubled starlet, who appeared in a Los Angeles court yesterday to face charges for allegedly lying to the cops stemming from a car crash last June.

"She's terrific," said Sheen. "I mean she's going through a lot of stuff," he told Jay Leno. "But she's smart and super-talented and will come out on top eventually, you know."

When the funnyman asked about reports that the erstwhile Warlock gave Lohan $100,000, Sheen joked, "That was just for dinner…no, sorry Lindsay." 

He then explained to Leno that he was offered a decent amount of cash to do a cameo in Scary Movie 5 with the actress, in which the duo are paired in a bedroom scene.

"So when I heard they hired Lindsay, I thought, 'Fabulous,' but then they took half my money to give to her and she didn't get it all," said Sheen. "And when I found this out, I said, 'You got shorted a hundred grand,' so I…gave it to her."

He later added that while they're friends, he wasn't aware that the loan was going to be used to pay back Uncle Sam.

"I didn't know it was for taxes," he noted. "If I had known that, I'd have given her half, you know."

At least, LiLo is still "winning" in Charlie's book.

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