Lindsay Lohan Reveals New Tattoo of Mysterious Triangle

Do you have any guess as to what it means?

By Bruna Nessif Jan 31, 2013 5:55 AMTags
Lindsay Lohan,TattooGRPR/AKM-GSI

What you got going on there, Lindsay Lohan?

During her court appearance earlier today, LiLo made an impression with her outfit (including those Christian Louboutin shoes) and even moreso, that tragic spray tan.

But we also caught glimpse of something we hadn't seen before—a new tattoo!

On her inner right arm, the star got a red, double triangle (yes, kinda like the hazard symbol on the button in your car) with black script underneath. So what does it mean? Very good question.

There hasn't been an explanation as to what Lohan's meaning behind her new ink is, or any clarification as to what the wording actually says. "What dreams may come"? "What demons may close"? Is it even in English?

As for the double triangle, we doubt she wants to label herself has a hazard (at least, not openly), so it could just represent one of the many meanings behind the three-pointed symbol, such as the spiritual trinity or stability.

Lindsay, care to shed some insight, please?