2013 Super Bowl Countdown: Beyoncé's Top 10 Music Videos Ever!

"Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" tops our list of the singer's best videos

By Jennifer Cady, John Boone Feb 01, 2013 6:00 PMTags
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Now that we've narrowed down Beyoncé's 10 best songs ever (sorry 'bout it, "Love On Top" fans!), it's time to select her 10 best music videos. And yes, there is a difference.

Good Bey songs don't necessarily mean good Bey videos and vice versa.

So what do we look for in a Queen B clip? Dancing! Sex appeal! Production value! Beyoncé spoiled us early on delivering flawless music videos, so now we expect nothing but the best. And these are the 10 best of the best Beyoncé music videos:

10. "Sweet Dreams"

Dancing: Affirmative, including krumping! Our favorite move:

Sex Appeal: When Bey dons a gold robot outfit, Metropolis never looked so sexy.

Production Value: Actually, this video looks pretty cheap. All she needed was a wind machine, green screen and a treadmill.

9. "Baby Boy"

Dancing: You betcha! Including an extended belly-dancing breakdown. Our favorite move:

Sex Appeal: Did you miss the part where we mentioned belly dancing?

Production Value: Beachfront property! Animal furs! Diamond couture!

8. "1 + 1 (Live)"

Dancing: None.

Sex Appeal: None.

Production Value: None. But it doesn't need any of that stuff. And while technically this isn't an official video, it makes our list because (1) listen to her. Especially you lip sync-blasting haters. This is Beyoncé stripped down and she still sounds perfect, and (2) it was filmed by Jay-Z and that's just adorable.

7. "Run the World (Girls)"

Dancing: Entire routines backed by an army of female dancers! Our favorite move:

Sex Appeal: At one point, B is writhing around in the sand, Shakira-style.

Production Value: A majestic stallion! A majestic lion! Hyenas! And an exploding car!

6. "Ring the Alarm" 

Dancing: It's mostly just angry thrusting and hair-whipping.

Sex Appeal: Beyoncé recreates Basic Instinct, minus actually flashing her Sharon Stone.

Production Value: There's a SWAT team involved. But the most interesting thing about this video is that Beyoncé doesn't seem to want to remember it (it's the only video missing from her YouTube page, for one).

5. "Kitty Kat"

Dancing: No. But she frolics with a giant cat.

Sex Appeal: She gets into very limber poses as she makes references to her, uh, "kitty kat."

Production Value: It's Beyoncé running aorund with a giant cat! And then riding it! What more could you want from a music video?!

4. "Countdown" 

Dancing: Beyoncé spends most of the video playing dance instructor (give her a break, she was pregnant for this one), but eventually joins in for a routine. Our favorite move isn't so much a dance move but what Beyoncé looks like when she's cold, apparently:

Sex Appeal: She's pregnant. And still rocking a leotard. So if you're into that.

Production Value: Bey plays Audrey Hepburn this time, but the star of the video is her growing Blue Ivy baby bump!

3. "Why Don't You Love Me"

Dancing: Beyoncé shimmies and shakes and spanks herself (multiple times), but the best part was when she dusted off her Grammys (in tune to the music, of course):

Sex Appeal: B plays B.B. Homemaker (a Leave It To Beaver-esque housewife). And, well, if she were our woman, she wouldn't ever have to wonder if we loved her (there's a whole scene of her in the bathtub...in heels!)

Production Value: It's like a trip back in time. Except with sexier outfits, which were definitely missing from the '60s. So good call, Beyoncé! You can even upgrade history!

2. "Get Me Bodied (Extended Mix)"

Dancing: Are you kidding?! There's an entire dance break where Beyoncé instructs you to do such dance moves as "Shake your derriere in them Dereons" and "Drop to your knees, arch your back / Shake, shake it like that, alley cat." On of our favorite moves:

Sex Appeal: She wears a slinky silver dress and has a ponytail ready for whipping, so yeah, she's hot.

Production Value: It's a Destiny's Child reunion (heeey, Kelly Rowland! Hi Michelle.) Plus little sister Solange!

1. "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)"

Dancing: Seriously?

Sex Appeal: All of the sex appeal. Ever.

Production Value: Beyoncé doesn't need anything but an empty room in this one. It's all about the dancing. It's all about the leotard. It's all about the fierceness. And it's epic.