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Glee's going to the chapel!

But will Will and Emma actually say "I do"? That is the question posed in today's Spoiler Chat by one of the Fox hit's stars. Other juicy scoop includes a fan favorite's return on Once Upon a Time, a can't-miss episode of Grey's Anatomy for a certain couple's fans and what's ahead for Nick and Jess on New Girl after that kiss. Plus, we've got spoilers on The Mindy Project, The Office's series finale and more...

Kendra: Any Once Upon a Time scoop? I've been hearing rumors that Jamie Dornan is returning, please tell me it's true!
"Thrilled to be able to confirm that we have Jamie Dornan returning to appear again in an ep of Once Upon a Time," cocreator Adam Horowitz tweeted of our Hot Hipster Sheriff (Still missin' you every day, boo!). "So excited." We can also tell you that Dornan was recently spotted filming with Lana Parrilla (aka Regina) in Sheriff Graham gear, not Huntsman gear. (Oh, how we missed that vest!)

Eden: What's coming up for Sam on Glee that doesn't have to do with his relationship with Brittany?
"Sam's trying to figure of what these next few next steps are in life, and he goes through a lot of his insecurities. He deals with his grades a little bit and he's struggling with that," Chord Overstreet tells us. "He's a little hard on himself, but he has everybody towards the end of the episode bring some life back into him and cheer him up. It has a lot of heart and funny stuff."

Lorielyse:  Can you tell us what happens at Will and Emma's wedding? #Glee
Who says they are the ones who will actually be saying "I do"?! "We were just talking about that last week. There will be a wedding. I'm not saying whose wedding it is," Overstreet teases. "There will be some shockers, some happy moments, some singing, some dancing, and some affirmations. I don't know what I'm allowed to say. I just gotta be careful!"

Wendi: I need Grey's Anatomy scoop like I need air.
You might want to see a doctor about that. But here is some oxygen in the meantime: ABC has released the episode titles for all the February episodes: "Bad Blood," "The Face of Change," "Hard Bargain," and "This Is Why We Fight." Cristina and Owen fans will want to make sure not to miss "Hard Bargain." That's all we can reveal for now. Move along…

Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, New Girl


Isla: New Girl scoop! That Nick and Jess kiss was so hot. What's next for them? Hopefully more kissing!
Don't hold your breath for more kisses, hon. "They're definitely not ready to be a couple," executive producer Liz Meriwether says. "What this is is acknowledging that they have this strong pull for each other. [But] I don't think, a lot of times, one kiss leads to a relationship." Don't worry, though. We have a feeling that Nick and Jess can't keep their feelings about that kiss buried for long. (Now excuse us while we go wallpaper our offices with the photo to the left.)

Sophie: After the latest Office episode, I need some reassurance that everything will end happy with Jam. The way they ended the episode made me ugly-cry. Please tell me it will be PB+J Forever!
Things will play out for Jim and Pam in an interesting way when the documentary that the Dunder Mifflin gang has been starring in starts to air on television, making them all "celebrities." Perhaps a walk down memory lane is just what the Jam doctored ordered? One thing we can count on is an emotional series finale. "I know that the fans are going to thrilled," Kate Flannery teases about the final episode. We need to start stocking up on Kleenex now.

Jason D.: Love that Ben and Leslie from Parks and Recreation are still in your Top Couples tournament! To celebrate, how about some spoilers!
Better make sure they don't get knocked out by voting your behind off! As for the spoiler you requested: Ben gets Leslie a gift so epic, so perfect for her, that you might cry tears of wetness. Want a hint? Leslie's favorite food.

Tessa: You are my go-to for Mindy Project spoilers. Help a girl out?
Mindy's love life hits an all-time low when she accidentally brings home a male prostitute. How does one accidentally do that? Episode 19 is when you'll get that answer.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins,  Tierney Bricker and John Boone

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