There are few things better than someone embarrassing themselves on the street, while someone else films the perplexed faces of people passing by. But here's one: A good performance—nay, the best street performance we've seen—courtesy of Cher Lloyd.

Plus, we still get perplexed passersby. Probably perplexed because there's an awesome singer singing an awesome song on the street corner of New York (the song, by the way, is Robyn's "Dancing On My Own").

The video is on the older side, but the songstress (who finished fourth on the UK X Factor) just got a ringing endorsement from Girls creator Lena Dunham, who tweeted, "So oddly and deeply melancholic and lovely. Especially love the cuts to confused passersby, and the boater hat."

And even if you've already seen it, it's just worth re-watching.

P.S. Hey Lena, you need to start an Oprah's Book Club sort of thing with YouTube videos.

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