Downton Abbey Video Game

Bill Kiley/

If the pacing of Downton Abbey already harkens back to a much-desired simpler time, wait till you see Lord Grantham's clan—and the servants who wait on them—in Super Nintendo form! 

It doesn't get simpler than that.

Billed as "tastefully exciting one player action," the proposed video-game version of the SAG Award-winning show features a solitary footman being dispatched by both upstairs and downstairs members of the household to run errands and solve mysteries.

The leisurely paced result is like The Legend of Zelda meets Clue—though you can speed up the action in places (those pillows won't fluff themselves) by rapidly alternating between the and R buttons on your controller.

Maybe you weren't around for World War I, but you remember the days of simpler gaming action, right?!

Thanks to the Los Angeles Times, for drawing our attention to Bill Kiley's vision. (And though the theme music sounds way familiar, that's an original composition, too.)

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