Mindy McCready, David Wilson, Suicide


Mindy McCready isn't the only one mourning the loss of her boyfriend, David Wilsondead of a possibly self-inflicted gun shot wound earlier this month in Arkansas.

Friends and family members also want questions surrounding his death answered as the Cleburne County Sheriff's Office continues to investigate the traumatic ordeal.

Now that McCready has flat-out denied having anything to do with his untimely death, here are five burning questions that remain about the late musician:

1. Was he having money problems?

Wilson was due to receive a large inheritance on Feb. 11, what would have been his 35th birthday. He died Jan. 13.

"He has a trust fund and his dad worked for Shell Oil," a source tells E! News. "He was supposed to receive a percentage of his trust fund when he turned 35."

2. Why was he planning for the future? 

"Dave bought a new truck three weeks before his death," says our source.

3. Was he having an affair?

The singer maintains that Wilson had not been cheating on her, and our source close to him back that up. "Dave wasn't having an affair," the insider says. "There is no evidence and we checked around."

Friends of Wilson searched for a possible girlfriend, even checking with some ex-girlfriends and found nothing, the source added. Wondered another source, "Why hasn't someone come forward if there was an affair?"

4. Was he trying to end his relationship with McCready?

On January 10, a close friend called Wilson but says he never heard back from him. A source says that Wilson checked into a hotel for a couple of days, with thoughts of leaving McCready on his mind.

"He wanted a way out and he didn't know what or how to get out," the source says.

5. Did anyone see this coming?

"He was a giving soul, a free spirit, and a great guy," our source says of Wilson. "He was an extremely positive guy."

Those close to Wilson say they are shocked with the possibility that Wilson took his own life. Others close to him describe him as an outgoing "jokester" who was always "upbeat."

"He was always a shining light and a smile in the crowd," a longtime college friend described his pal.

Another good friend told E! News that he spoke to Wilson a few months ago and he "was in great spirits." He added that Wilson was the kind of guy that "could make anyone laugh at any time. His death was really a huge shock. And we all were shocked for days trying to make sense of it. Everyone is waiting for the final verdict. We wish we had more answers."

Wilson was also ecstatic about becoming a father last April, having welcomed son Zayne with McCready.

"He was excited to be a dad. He was a proud father," a friend tells E! News. "There was a lot of joy in his heart. He was starting a family legacy."

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