While many women would love to have Jon Hamm as their beau, his Mad Men costar Elisabeth Moss is happy to just have him as her big brother.

"He's just incredibly protective, gives great advice, makes me laugh. But honestly it's the protectfulness," she told our very own Guliana Rancic. "He would beat someone up for me. I've never had a big brother...What better big brother to have than Jon Hamm or Don Draper?!"

The only problem: She no longer can see Hamm as the hottie that he is. "I just can't see it. I get the Don Draper thing, when he's in the suit, I'm like, ‘Oh! You're Don Draper!,' she laughed. "But when he's Jon, I don't get it. He's just goofy Jon!"

As for the Mad Men star's glitzy Dolce & Gabbana gown tonight, she decided to go for something shorter: "I took the opportunity to get a little more comfortable, honestly," she explained.

Plus, her diamonds are her statement piece of the night!

"These are Forevermark and I have to mention them because they're $1 million. I'm not kidding you," she explained before admitting that she doesn't have a security guard for jewelry protection. "No, I don't. Which is why I'll be heading to Mexico shortly."

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