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Death is coming!

Yes, Vampire Diaries fans, the time has come once again to start up your prayer circle because there is a death coming up on the hit CW series, and we've got some scoop from one of the show's stars in today's Spoiler Chat, along with spoilers on Smash's Karen, The Following's handsome dueling duo. Plus, we've got inside info from Girls, ParenthoodThe Office and more!

Dana: I refuse to believe Steve Carell isn't returning for The Office's series finale. Refuse, I tell you!
Sorry, but Ellie Kemper confirms that her one-time fictional boss will not be appearing in the NBC sitcoms' final ep. "I'm disappointed. It's fine, but it's sad," she admits to us. "But I did hear that maybe he'll come to the set!" Maybe a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo then?! "That's all we need," she says.

Shannon in Denver: Smash scoop on Karen's musical career…not her love life.
What a refreshing change of pace for Smash questions. Love it. In the beginning of season two, things seem to be going swimmingly for Karen and her work in Bombshell. Of course that'll change dramatically, and Karen makes a big decision that'll either be her saving grace, or the death of her career. It's Broadway, baby!

Janet: Any Vampire Diaries scoop you can share, preferably about Bonnie?
Take it away, Kat Graham: "I can tell you that Bonnie is going to take a different turn and is going to make some choices that are going to affect the rest of the characters. It's really, really huge," she teases. Dark Willow, anyone?!

 Jacqui: That fight between Marnie and Hannah was hilarious yet painful on Girls last night! Any scoop on what's next for the besties?
More awkwardness when Hannah hosts a dinner party and invites Charlie and his new girlfriend, as well as Marnie. And oh yes, the fact that Marnie visited Charlie late at night in the season premiere is addressed. Though Hannah is still mad at Marnie, you'll see a protective side of her come out by episode's end, one that a lot of girls will be able to relate to.

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Dawson: Will we see more stuff between Ryan and Claire on The Following? I love them together.
This week's episode is light on the Ryan-Claire stuff, but coming up you can definitely expect more interaction between those two. And did someone order a flashback to when they first got together? Coming right up…in a couple of weeks. And if you're (for some odd reason) a fan of Joe and Claire together, they've got a really intense scene in an upcoming episode that'll surely leave you breathless (but not in the sexy way).

Gemma: Parenthood. Scoop. Now.
First the bad news: Parenthood has yet to be picked up for a fifth season. Craziness, right?! "I don't know if we're coming back next year," Monica Potter tells us. The good news? She has a good sense of what another season would entail for her character. "But I think if we do come back, [Kristina] will have a little bit more fun."

Beth: I'll take one serving of Mindy Project scoop please!
Prepare to meet someone from Danny's past! No, not his ex-wife (though we're dying to meet the idiot that let him go!), but his old childhood friend Stevie, whom Danny treats for free on the side. Expect to see the buds clash when Danny cuts off his medical services and Stevie's mom gets involved. Yikes!

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