Best TV Moments of the Week: The Office, Glee, American Idol and More

A roundup of all the news and gossip that happened this past week

By Jenna Mullins Jan 26, 2013 1:22 AMTags
The Office, Jenna FischerNBC

Nicki Minaj got bleeped with an American Idol logo. The Office did something it's never done before. And, of course, there was plenty of drama on Glee, The Vampire Diaries and American Horror Story.

That's just some of the TV gossip you might have missed over the week. Need to catch up? Or do you just want to impress that guy/girl/your cat with your up to date knowledge of TV scoop? Click through our TV Watercooler moments gallery that covers all the news you need to know! So the next time you're at the office watercooler or coffee pot or whatever it is you gather around, you won't look like a small-screen amateur when the hot topics come up. 

To get a more detailed (and hilarious) play by play of the big TV events that happened over the week, check out our Watercooler recap posts.

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